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On New Year's Eve, Easter, Ascension,

...we are already fully booked.

You can find free capacities in our Booking plan.

Detail room Lilienstein

Price list

House renting

house flat 160,00 Euro flat
per person (people from 6 years) 15,00 Euro/night
3-5 years   6,00 Euro/night
hill climber quarters per person 10,00 Euro/night
pets per animal 15,00 Euro flat


Special prices are charged for following bank holidays: Easter, Whitsun, Christmas, New Year. Please contact us for further information.

Visitor's tax high season (1.April - 31.October)
Adults 1,50€ a day, children up to 16 years free
Visitor's tax off-season (1. November - 31.March)
Adults 1,00€ a day, children up to 16 years free

All prices including 7% VAT.