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5 reasons for our rooms

  1. Spacious rooms with up to 7 beds.
  2. Plenty of room in the house and even more freedom outside.
  3. Kitchen for self catering and a terrace for party people.
  4. Restaurant serving local cuisine just around the corner.
  5. Organised tours for climbing and hiking.
Room Kaiserberg

Local stone for local houses

From a historical point of view the Quartier Elbblick is linked to Saxon architecture. Stone crushers that mined the sandstone for famous Saxon buildings like the Zwinger or the Church of the Holy Cross in Dresden used to live in the houses in and around Postelwitz.

The first workers settled in this region in the 16th century, and as the mining was meant to be a long-lasting undertaking, they used to build their houses directly next to the stone pits.

The house of today's Quartier Elbblick was built in the late 19th century and served as a home for a family of ten people. By the way, the bread oven, which can be found in the entrance area of the Quartier Elbblick, is a reproduction of the old fireplace that was used to make bakery products of all sorts.

The stones for the house were directly mined at the "Schrammstein" and barges were used to deliver them to the construction site. The tiles were fired on the other side of the river Elbe. These brickworks underwent considerable changes during the time and are very well known for their wine culture today. A visit is not only worthwhile for wine experts, but for everybody.